Often some Scoutmasters can get off the trail to first class. A technique to overcome this is to group advancement together by subject that is being taught and not rank, it can sometimes make for a more efficient path to obtaining the rank of 1st Class Scout. This can often serve as a great "theme" for monthly planning, in addition, it sometimes keeps the boys focused on a particular subject without jumping around. by grouping them together this way it keeps the kids focused on a particular subject and by doing things that are related, they retain this information longer.

*TF: Tenderfoot   *SC: Second Class   *FC: First Class


  • TF-1: Prep to Camp
  • TF-2: Camp & pitch tent
  • SC-2B: Select campsite
  • FC-7C: make camp gadget


  • TF-4A: Demo whip and fuse rope
  • TF-4B: Demo hitch knots
  • FC-7A: Discuss lashings
  • FC-7B: Demo lashings
  • FC-8A: Demo rescue knot (bowline)


  • TF-3: Prepare / cook meal
  • SC-2D: Prep cook fire
  • SC-2E: Fire & stove safety
  • SC-2F: Light fire / stove
  • SC-2G: Cook over wood fire
  • FC-4A: Plan patrol menu
  • FC-4B: Make food list
  • FC-4C: Cooking utensils / gear
  • FC-4D: Safe food handling
  • FC-4E: Serve as patrol cook

Map & Compass

  • SC-1A: Map & compass use
  • SC-1B: Map & compass hike
  • FC-1: find way without compass
  • FC-2: Orienteering course

Physical Fitness

  • TF-10A: Physical fitness test
  • TF-10B: Show improvement

First Aid

  • TF-12A: Heimlich maneuver
  • TF-12B: Show first aid
  • SC-6A: handle hurry cases
  • SC-6B: make first aid kit
  • SC-6C: Show first aid
  • FC-8B: Demo bandages
  • FC-8C: Moving the injured
  • FC-8D: Heart attack / CPR


  • TF-6: Demo flag care
  • SC-3: Flag ceremony
  • FC-5: Visit civic leader


  • TF-7: Scouting principles
  • TF-8: Patrol knowledge
  • SC-4: Service project


  • SC-7B: Demo swim ability
  • SC-7C: Demo water rescue
  • FC-9B: BSA swimmer's test
  • FC-9C: Show Line rescue


  • TF-11: Identification of poisonous plants
  • SC-2C: Knife, ax & saw
  • SC-5: Identification of wild animals
  • FC-6: Identification native plants


  • TF-5: Explain hiking rules
  • TF-9: Buddy system
  • FC-9A: Safe trip afloat
  • SC-7A: Swimming precautions
  • SC-8: Drug and alcohol program